The aim of the project was to increase Polish science innovativness and competitiveness in the areas of physics, radiobiology and cancer radiotherapy by the installation of cyclotron producing a beam of protons over the energy range between 70 MeV and 230 MeV. It significantly broadened research, therapeutic and training possibilities of the cyclotron centre at the Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences (IFJ PAN).

Within the project the advanced Proteus C-235 cyclotron, produced by Ion Beam Applications (IBA, Belgium), which accelerates protons to a maximum energy of 230 MeV, was installed and activated at IFJ PAN in Krakow. The cyclotron was installed in a newly-built building consisting of a protective bunker with experimental hall and eye treatment room and laboratory building.

This new research device delivers a high-quality proton beam for the research purposes in the areas of medical physics, radiobiology and cancer radiotherapy.

The proton beam of the Proteus C-235 cyclotron is delivered to the physics experimental hall and to the eye treatment room.

The proton beam in the experimental hall is used for research in the areas of medical physics (cosmic radiation dosimetry, proton beam dosimetry and microdosimetry), nuclear physics (research on the structure of atomic nucleus, giant dipole and quadrupole resonance, nuclear transmutation cross section), radiobiology ( research on relative biological effectiveness of strongly ionising radiation) and material engineering (research on strongly ionising radiation resistance of electronic circuits).