For industry

What we offer

We offer the application of proton beam, produced by the C-235 cyclotron, for institutions and commercial organizations.

What we have

  • proton beam with energy from 70 MeV to 230 MeV and intensity from 0.5 nA to 500 nA,
  • experimental room with horizontal beam and with magnetic optical system enabling beam size adjustment,
  • gantry facility which enables sample irradiation from 0 MeV to 230 MeV using scanning beam (with σ=2.7 mm or σ=4 mm spot size) and at a selected angle within the range of 0 to 360,
  • facility for irradiation with the use of horizontal beam with energy ranging from 0 MeV to 70 MeV; this facility gives a possibility of irradiation using Spread Out Bragg Peak, SOBP. Dose rate: from 0.01 to 1Gy/s,
  • two separate rooms for biological samples preparation (material of animal and human origin).

What we can do

The examples of beam application:

  • irradiation of physical and biological material,
  • tests of detectors and dosimeters in the proton field,
  • irradiation of electronic components using fast proton beams, to simulate cosmic radiation,

For technical and commercial issues please contact secretariat on +48 12 399 6200 or by