NCRH Consortium

The National Centre for Hadron Radiotherapy (NCRH)

The document establishing a Polish national Consortium of the National Centre for Hadron Radiotherapy (NCRH Consortium) was signed on 13 September 2006 in Krakow.

The members of the NCRH Consortium, coordinated by the Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences (IFJ PAN), are 12 important Polish scientific and medical institutions:

The main aim of the NCRH is to coordinate research connected with radiotherapy, medical physics, radiobiology and to develop clinical and scientific infrastructure for hadron radiotherapy in Poland.

The Consortium strategy assumes, at the first phase, the installation of a 235 MeV proton accelerator at IFJ PAN together with an experimental bunker and radiotherapy facility with a rotating arm (so called gantry). At the second phase of the project the construction of dedicated clinical centre with C-12 carbon beam in Warsaw is planned.