Eye Therapy Laboratory

Eye Therapy Laboratory carries out works related to eye cancer radiotherapy. Range of tasks of the laboratory includes technical maintenance of a dedicated treatment room, through systematic field testing of equipment included in its structure. The laboratory team processes clinical data prepares treatment plans, as well as positions and irradiates patients. Since 2011 there have been more than 150 patients suffering from choroidal melanoma irradiated in the Cyclotron Center Bronowice eye treatment room. 

Head of the Laboratory:  
Tomasz Horwacik, PhD, Eng Tomasz.Horwacik@ifj.edu.pl +48 12 399 6223
Marta Korcyl, PhD Marta.Korcyl@ifj.edu.pl +48 12 399 6138
Leszek Malinowski, MSc, Eng Leszek.Malinowski@ifj.edu.pl +48 12 399 6138
Tomasz Nowak, MSc, Eng Tomasz.Nowak@ifj.edu.pl +48 12 399 6138