Radiotherapy procedure

After diagnosis and qualification, during the first visit in our Center patients are registered and directed to physicians’ room for the consultation.

then to the patients’ waiting room

next, patient would be invited to the dressing room and special room for so called immobilization preparation (the purpose of this preparation is to prevent any unnecessary movements that could change tumor position during treatment).

Usually it is a thermoplastic mask which starts to be flexible after putting into warm water (about 60 degrees of Celsius). After fitting the mask to the patients’ part of body it turns to be solid again in next few minutes.

For immobilization purposes vacuum bags are also used

and knee supports

The next step is performing a CT scan (using prepared immobilizations) in the CT room.

The CT scan will cover an area near to the tumor. It is important due to the fact that scans will be used by physician to mark the treated volume and by medical physicists to prepare an accurate treatment plan. 

Medical physicists are responsible for selecting appropriate beams directions and treatment plan preparation based on a high-tech treatment planning system. The plan after calculations would be verified and accepted by the physician in charge. It takes a few days.

Next phase is a treatment. Patient after registration, would be directed into the waiting room, then to the fitting room and afterward to the treatment room.

Patient would be laid down on a treatment table and immobilized by the thermoplastic mask and some additional accessories if necessary.

A treatment session would be preceded by patient position verification. A series of X-ray photos would be taken to confirmed correct patient position. During irradiation patient would be left in the treatment room by himself but would be observed by camera’s system. Patient would be equipped also in an emergency alert button which could stop the session and called for a staff. After each fraction patient would be allowed to go home or to the hospital.

Whole treatment cointains of maximum 35 fractions and take usually not longar than 7 weeks (5 fractions per week).

When it comes to the paediatric patients after physician examination patients woul be directed to the children’s waiting room.

Next, patient would be directed with his or her caregiver to the patient preparation room. Because of the reason that small children and infants are not able to lay down without any movement, they are treated under GA. Our Center is equipped with anesthetic ceiling systems, patient transport systems and anesthetic machines. Thank to that devices patients could be transported to the CT room and one of two treatment rooms. After the irradiation patient would be transported to the special room

where accompanied by their caregivers, nurses would take care of them till awakening.