For Patient

Dear Visitor, welcome to our website.

If you are a patient, a family member or else a caregiver, and you are looking for  information concerning the proton therapy in our center, here we  have prepared necessary details for you.

As the most important, you have to know that our Institute is not a health care provider and hence we are unable to provide you with medical assessment or advice, neither to take a decision on the choice of the proton therapy. Please ask your doctor or refer to the healthcare institution for consultation in your specific case.

Let us now explain the role of our Institute in the proton therapy process. Our Institute is equipped with state of the art technology and solutions for the radiotherapy technique using protons to fight cancer. This was preceded by many-year research and development, taking up challenges and gaining experience worldwide in the field of using protons for medical purpose. Each day, the highly skilled and experienced personnel of our Institute ensures the reliability and safety of the equipment and its readiness for treatment. However, we cannot treat patients. As you probably guessed, we offer our cooperation and the availability of this advanced method to the health care institutions. So, again, please talk to your medical caretaker about proton therapy.

We believe that information provided on this site will meet your expectations.