Ocular radiotherapy facility

In 2015 proton eye radiotherapy facility by the C-230 isochronous cyclotron has been commissioned. This new eye line – as well as its predecessor by the AIC-144 cyclotron – was developed and manufactured by the team of specialists from the Institute of Nuclear Physics and cooperating institutions. The new eye line complies with the legal articles and the requirements of the quality and safety standards applicable for the medical devices. The conformity to the relevant provisions of the Medical Device Directive has been examined by the notifying body and accompanied by the CE marking of the entire Proton Therapy System installed at the Cyclotrone Center Bronowice. Since 2016 the facility is in clinical use.

General view of the proton eye radiotherapy facility by the C-230 cyclotron.

The proton eye radiotherapy facility uses 70 MeV proton beam produced by the C-230 cyclotron. From the cyclotron the beam is transported to the therapy room through the system of vacuum pipes. In the therapy room the beam is formed accordingly to requirements of the treatment plan by the set of devices mounted on so called “optical bench”. The facility is controlled by the treatment control system. Dedicated devices like: X/Yscanner or 3D scanner, PMMA wheel, water phantom and set of ionization chambers with electrometers are applied for proton beam diagnostic and dosimetry.